Corporate Wellness

Infinite Mindcare offers wellness and mental health programs for companies located in the Cayman Islands. It is important that the employees at a company not only have access to services for their physical being, but also their mental health and well-being. We can provide counseling services and much more to everyone on staff, allowing your employees the chance to express themselves and discuss their feelings and issues in a confidential setting as well as supporting management and the organization as a whole. A corporate wellness program can help employees experience more job satisfaction, and feel more comfortable within their work environment, as well as decrease overall stress both at work and away from the job.

At Infinite Mindcare we customize each corporate service using knowledge of coaching, organisational and clinical psychology to enhance your team. The goal is to learn concepts and practical strategies that will enhance group cohesion, prevent burnout, and create sustainable ways of managing pressures within the workplace. Psychologists are well placed to deliver workshops and training in relation to leadership, interpersonal effectiveness and resiliency. The workshops are provided by a Team of Doctoral and Master level trained clinicians with the goal of being as interactive as possible. We teach and guide teams in a corporate setting how to apply cognitive and behavioral, evidence supported techniques and strategies that will allow them to live and work at their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

Contact us to set up a customisable corporate wellness program for your company.