Rachel Farrington

Rachel Farrington is an Associate Neurofeedback Practitioner.  She is committed to helping her clients improve in their desired areas and perform to their optimal ability through neurofeedback therapy while providing a comfortable and trusting environment. Rachel’s passion for neuropsychology led her to attain her Othmer Method Certification in Neurofeedback Therapy which utilizes client-centered and individualized protocols to achieve greater clinical outcomes for a wide range of applications, reducing symptoms and enhancing performance. Rachel is interested in anxiety, PTSD, and developmental trauma.

Rachel previously held the Special Education Needs coordinator position, where she gained experience with mental health and additional needs/disability. She went on to work in a public mental health facility in Pennsylvania as a Case Manager. There, she worked with clients to help reduce homelessness and hospitalizations for individuals struggling with behavioral health and co-occurring issues by promoting a higher level of independent living through accessing resources, support, and treatment. Rachel Farrington is on her way to completing her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and is continuing her education in Neurofeedback in order to achieve higher levels of certification and expertise.

**Neurofeedback helps with attention deficits related to trauma and genetic vulnerabilities, sleep disorders such as insomnia, improving regulation of sleep states, sleepwalking, and night terrors. For peak performance, Neurofeedback can help to reduce disabling instabilities such as migraines, panic attacks, or concussions and focus on physical and emotional calming that allows for even better performance.**