Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

In order to make an appointment we first ask that you complete our intake packet, and provide your insurance and payment details. Once we receive this back, we will confirm your insurance benefits, and get back to you with the soonest available appointment.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept multiple Cayman Islands insurances including: Aetna, BAF, Britcay, Cayman First, Cinico, Fidelity/Vanguard, PanAm. If you have insurance overseas like Cigna, you will be expected to pay for sessions out of pocket, however we can provide you with an invoice with all relevant information to give to your insurance provider for direct reimbursement. In order to utilize your health insurance you must have an outpatient mental health benefit for on island use. While we check your insurance benefits and provide you with an estimated breakdown of co-pays, you are ultimately responsible for understanding your own benefits.

Does seeking counselling mean something is wrong with me?

No. Many people seek counselling for understanding ourselves or others, personal development, or just to manage life. As humans, we all experience stressors and difficult emotions. Therapy is a means to learn to develop our skills at functioning and develop greater resiliency, regardless of the circumstances.

What is counselling?

Counselling/Therapy involves meeting with a therapist (such as a counsellor or psychologist) to address emotional, social or behavioural concerns. Trained, licensed clinicians work with you to consider a variety of treatments according to your treatment goals. The benefits of therapy are numerous and may include improved mood, self-growth, and interpersonal relationships. Disclaimer: Just because you come to counselling doesn’t mean you are going to change or get better. The willingness to make changes is ultimately on the individual. Remember we usually only have 1 hour per week in our offices and the bulk of changes occur outside of the therapy room.

Counselling is not coming in and venting for an hour. While we have couches and you can lay down, we do not perform psychoanalysis. Counselling is an active process where the client shares and receives feedback, builds skills, and practices interventions to help in their real life outside the office. Yes, there are times when people simply need to ‘let it out’ and feel heard AND we have a space for that for sure. We will also encourage change.

How many sessions will I need to reach my goals?

There is no definitive answer for this until you are seen by your therapist. Average counselling treatment typically lasts for 3-6 months, however everyone is unique. Some people come to us and feel like they got what they were looking for in 1-3 sessions. The first few sessions are the assessment and getting to you know you sessions. It is important you feel comfortable with your therapist, and with the process, and sometimes it takes people longer than others to feel that level of comfort.

What is Mindcare?

How we empower our clients and ourselves to create optimal mental health a.k.a. Healthy mental health habits

Why do we use the ‘flower of life’ symbol with our logo?

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry, believed to contain information about the secrets of all lives, and essentially be a blueprint for all life. Its design symbolises the interconnectedness of life on Earth from a scientific and ecological standpoint as the symbol has been found all over the world dating back to ancient civilizations as well as in the biology of plant and human life.

At Infinite Mindcare we believe that you have all the answers and tools inside of you; that you are the expert of your own life. It is our job to help you see that in yourself, and help you actively live it by all that’s done in and outside the therapy office.