Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy services for Adults, Teens, and Adolescents.

Beginning therapy is a step of hope by clients who are looking for relief, change, and support. Given the complexity of peoples’ lives, we treat adults in a number of different areas.

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Adolescents & Teens

The adolescent and teenage years can be a turbulent time. It can seem like stress and anxiety are hiding behind every corner. Avoidance, withdrawal or acting out are common ways to deal with this stress. Clinicians at Infinite Mindcare have specific training to work with teenagers to discuss difficult issues, build coping skills, and develop behavioural interventions.

We treat a range of issues using evidence based practice, see Who we treat

What to Expect

Getting to know the client is at the cornerstone of therapy so that all interventions can be individualised to meet the specific needs of the person or family. At the first session, your clinician may want to meet with parents as well as the young person. We try to honour having some space for the young person to talk independently, as well as hearing from you about concerns you are having.

It is important for the parent to understand that if the adolescent/teen is over the age of 14, information regarding specifics of therapy sessions do not have to be shared with the parent, and can be kept at the same level of confidentiality as with adults. It is always encouraged by the therapist to have open communication with a parent(s) however it is not necessarily a part of treatment. With some issues, young people can feel most comfortable opening up, if it’s just the presence of the therapist. However if there are any concerns about risk or safety, we will share that with parents.